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Contact:  Leif Erik Fossheim FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
October 17, 2014
Telephone:  +1 (403) 892-1211
Website: http://igg.me/at/ivi

iVi: portable, off-grid, small-world network device redefines information exchange

iVi Open-Source Meshnet

Lethbridge, AB, Canada: October 17, 2014 – iVi launches on indieGoGo today (http://igg.me/at/ivi). The #iVi project has been developed as a solution to the problems raised by the current state of the Internet. iVi addresses issues such as freedom, neutrality, openness, scalability and privacy in data and communication connectivity. iVi is part of an ongoing global movement described by the Institute For The Future (IFTF.org) as the Second Curve Internet in their 2014 10 Year Forecast (#10YF2014).

“Over the past 25 years we made the Internet. It’s our own fault we didn't know how to make it sustainable. This allowed the big providers that had stockholders to appease to drive sales into every niche of our lives…

…That’s why I designed iVi. iVi, as a new type of internet: secure wireless - high speed - and without carrier fees or neutrality issues, or wires.

iVi is all about the simple sharing of the public airways - bouncing data from point to point - until it finds the proper person it belongs to - without observation or interference.” - Lonnie Mesick, iVi Lead Designer (RF Engineer), CEO AgSpectra Ltd.

Take the combustion engine versus the electric engine as a comparison, one can identify the difficulty new tech has breaking through the fortifications of the old guard. The reasons for this phenomenon are left to reporters to muse and report upon. What follows below are key points that showcase iVi:

  • Personal Cloud: Share or stream stored medial to devices. From iVi play a movie on your mobile, smart-TV and tab at the same time. Use one device to wirelessly interact with another via iVi. Use your mobile to control your smart-TV through iVi. Connect either by direct wireless and/or UPnP/DLNA.
  • Collaborative Cloud: Assemble shared cloud space by linking to other iVi. Cloud space grows collectively with each iVi. Access files easily and quickly on iVi, which operates on a BitTorrent system using a built-in, real-time-updated, tracker.
  • Long-ranged: 1 kilometer beyond, iVi-to-iVi wireless networks connect. Extended broadcast range due to case-embedded, state-of-the-art Koch fractal antennas.
  • Nimble: Data transfer rates starting at 150 MB/s. Implements the new Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapter.
  • Scalable: A single iVi functions as a media server, a few iVi meshed function as a small-world network for a neighborhood, business or university, 10 iVi meshed covers communication and data sharing needs for a small town. Unit-by-unit, build the network you need.
  • Flexible: A 5000mAh Li-poly battery allows for one-hour of continual operation. Giving iVi portability and a secondary use as a recharging station for other devices. iVi is recharged through the single microUSB port.
  • Versatile: Four USB ports allow for peripheral device interaction, including but not limited to storage capacity, signal modification and power-charging options. iVi comes with a 32GB microUSB thumb drive. The Ethernet port allows iVi to operate as a hard-linked wireless router. But iVi can also act as a wireless hotspot when connected to a wireless broadband connection. iVi grows into multiple uses.

  • Private: iVi-to-iVi connectivity operates on Layer 2 protocol, without the use of traceable IP addresses. iVi mesh together through a process akin to that found in socialVPN systems.
  • Extendible: iVi connected to wired-broadband through the Ethernet port is able to share user-controlled portion of bandwidth through the iVi meshnet, allowing for connected devices to connect to the traditional Internet. Further, iVi uses miniDLNA to communicate with Private Networks, such as those used with Xbox ad Play-Station.
  • Decentralized: Create small-world networks, or mesh networks by linking any number of iVi together to build your own Public or Private networks for communication and information transfer. Network capabilities grow in relation to local iVi density in a region.
  • Community-driven: Crowdfunding market entry to demonstrate iVi dedication to the community. iVi has been built from open source inventiveness, such as implementing Linux/openWRT and BitTorrent in its design. Openness will remain focus for iVi.
  • Neutral: The original vision of the Internet was a public forum to share ideas without bias or selectivity. With the failure of Net Neutrality, content selectivity and bias become issues.
  • Free: iVi is affordable at CAD $99 per unit with a small, with a one-time service fee if a group of iVi are required to be pre-meshed. However, a user with basic IT skills could do this on their own following the published guidelines. There will be NO further fees beyond this, including no network service fees.


Ag SpectraiVi (www.ivinetwork.com): an actualized idea from the imagination of the Product Realization Centre team. The Product Realization Centre of AgSpectra Ltd, A Whole Earth Science and Technology Company.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Leif Erik Fossheim, R&D Technologist, at +1 (403) 892-1211. Further, Lonnie Mesick, Lead Designer of iVi can be reached at +1 (403) 929-4460 or by using the contact form at http://www.ivinetwork.com/index.cfm/page/contactus.html

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