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iVi Features

Meshnet: Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Network Mesh Network: iVi supports an advanced Mesh Network for file sharing between all units in range on a large, private network. Suitable for all media formats on computers, smartphones, laptops, tablets, PSP/NDS.
Wifi Wi-Fi Hotspot: Instantly turn any connection, wired or wireless, into a high-speed Wi-Fi hotspot. iVi supports Wi-Fi repeater functions and includes an Ethernet port for connection to a wired broadband router.
Cloud Storage Cloud Storage: Create your own cloud storage network. Turn a USB storage drive into personal Cloud storage for easy file access and media streaming via the included Kodi Media Player or iVi’s built-in web interface. Add more iVi's or other hard drives to have unlimited storage space.
Internet Compatibility Compatibility: iVi has multiple internet connection modes and supports a wide range of formats and streams or transcodes most media with little or no configuration. iVi is powered by MEncoder, FFmpeg, tsMuxeR, AviSynth, MediaInfo, VLC and others.
Network Security Security: iVi is a truly secure personal micro-Cloud. All local connected devices and data are accessible only to local account holders. iVi also encrypts and decrypts files to be shared or stored in the public Cloud. iVi supports guest networks on the 2.4GHz band, enabling you to share internet access with others without granting them access to your private network.
Charge your Mobile Devices Charge your Mobile Devices: iVi runs on its own internal 5000mAh battery, or AC power using the provided adapter - Smart LEDs display of remaining power. With three USB ports iVi can deliver up to one amp of power to an attached device while recharging itself simultaneously
Network Gaming Game Networks: Create your own private game network with much faster speeds than the internet. Unlimited Folders on PS3 and Xbox.
Share Broadband Share Broadband: 3G, 4G, or LTE wireless broadband connections can be shared with a wireless USB adapter and your cellular service.
Media Streaming Media Streaming: Onboard DLNA media server for streaming music, photos, and video from an attached USB hard drive. iVi also includes a Kodi app supporting most file formats, including bmp, jpg, and png for photos; mp3, wav, m4a, mp4, mov, and m4v.
Live Subtitles on All Devices: If your device does not support a video subtitle format, iVi will add it to the video stream automatically for viewing. If you don't have subtitles at all, UMS will add them for you via the options on your device.
Media Streaming True Motion (Frame Interpolation): iVi smoothes video motion for added realism by adding frames to the usual 24 or 25fps using InterFrame, an AviSynth plugin with SVP libraries.
Automatic Bitrate Adjustment: Automatically changes video bitrate based on your network speed.
H.264 Transcoding: On wireless networks H.264 achieves the same quality as MPEG-2, but with much smaller files.
Overscan Compensation: On televisions with overscan, iVi compensates to show the whole video.
Web Interface Web Interface: An iVi web interface to provide added support for devices without DLNA.
Instant Browsing: Browse large file libraries without having to wait for folders to be scanned.
USB Ports USB & Ethernet Ports:  iVi has two USB ports for connecting and charging drives and peripherals plus an Ethernet port for connecting to a wired broadband router. iVi recharges away from home with an external charging battery, like our own iViPower LIPO, or a USB solar panel to recharge iVi.
Download Apps Automatic Plugin Installation: Download and install plugins automatically.

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